Refund Policy

We cannot provide refunds due to technical issues. We will not be responsible for any issues that generate due to a third party plugin. To submit a refund request, please contact and specify exactly what is wrong with our themes. If the themes have the fault, we will issue a refund.

We grant refunds if the following reason is present:

  • Request ( with showing the proper problem in the theme you purchased ) of the refund is within 10 days of purchase.
  • If we are unable to fix the problem.

We do not grant refunds if the reason is:

  • If you found your web server doesn’t meet the requirement of WordPress or denied to update the PHP, MySQL version.
  • You changed your mind about the purchase.
  • You choose not to use the product anymore.
  • You find that our product doesn’t suit your needs. We can help in this reason If there is any issue with installing, configuring, functioning or displaying of content.
  • You existing scripts conflicts with other 3rd party software(others theme, plugins, ad-ons, scripts and etc) connected or installed on your WordPress website.

If the above criteria on met, then you are eligible for the refund. Please Contact Us feel free any hesitation. We are always want to connect with our users.